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Why do people expect me to be sexual just because of the way I am?

It really pisses me off how people would rather treat me as a fetish or a fantasy then an actual person.

People think just because I was born male & dress feminine that they’re allowed to ask me stupid questions such as how big my dick is, how I like to have sex, etc.

Note to guys :

Trans people aren’t nymphos who are here for your pleasure and enjoyment. We aren’t here to please you and sure as hell aren’t here for your experimentation. 

We are people. Treat us with respect. You wouldn’t walk up to a biological girl and ask how big her tits are or how she likes to get plowed. And if you do, you’re pretty pathetic.

I just needed to write this somewhere since I’m sick of all this bullshit.



the entire vocabulary of tumblr users in 2014

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Anonymous said: You live an hour from me :x lettt me take you on a date

when people say this but stay anon 


tmv73 said: Wow you are gorgeous will you marry me?

wheres my ring tho


Anonymous said: your kawaii as fuck and from the same city as me why can't i know you!?!?

are you? lets chill br0


Anonymous said: GURL! you need to make more videos!! I miss seeing your makeup tutorials/ vlogs and stuff!!

If only I could! 

I have nowhere to film so I can’t atm u__u


when did i get 1.4k followers 


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